Is The Blue Lagoon Worth It? An Honest Review

In my opinion, no. I do not believe that the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is worth it.

Before my first visit to Iceland, I researched the geothermal pools, natural springs, lagoons, and other places to relax in warm water.

Many reviews made it seem like the lagoon was worth the hype, this is my honest review.

Blue Lagoon on a cloudy day

Is The Blue Lagoon Worth It?

When walking into the main building, the staff is welcoming, the area is clean, and it is a very inviting atmosphere.

Note: The Lava Restaurant offers gourmet dining with fresh local ingredients and vegetarian and gluten-free options.

The lagoon is as beautiful as the pictures online. However, there is one thing missing in these photos…

All of the tourists.

Blue Lagoon with tourists

When I walked into the women’s locker room I was immediately overwhelmed by how many people were trying to change, hurry to the lagoon, or rush to the exit.

What Is A Better Option?

These alternatives are the best natural hot pools in all of Iceland.

  1. Sky Lagoon
  2. Krauma
  3. GeoSea

Note: Book in advance to get the best price guaranteed and to schedule the day/time that works best for you!

GeoSea pool in Husavik overlooking the ocean.

What Makes The Blue Lagoon Special?

Dating back to 1976, the Blue Lagoon was formed next to a geothermal power plant. Many may think that it is a natural pool, however it was in fact, man-made.

The water is actually wastewater coming from that nearby power plant. Don’t worry, it’s clean water and refreshes itself every 48 hours!

The water in the Blue Lagoon is enriched with silica, algae, and minerals from 70% ocean water and 30% freshwater.

Blue Lagoon on a sunny day

The milky blue waters are filled with minerals known to heal and restore skin properties. For this reason (and a couple of others), National Geographic has named it one of the 25 Wonders of the World.

Honest Review Of My Experience

Social media has blown up a lot of attractions all over the world. It can be tough to decipher what attractions are worth it, and which ones are overrated.

It was clear who was there to enjoy the lagoon, and who was there to get their photos for social media.

👍 What I did like about the Blue Lagoon:

Soaking up the warm water is obliviously relaxing. The water is a milky blue and the black lava landscape feels like Mars.

While visiting the lagoon, all guests are treated to a silica mud mask that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Who doesn’t love that?

One of the bridges at the Blue Lagoon with the dark lava rock look around it

👎 Why I wouldn’t say I liked the Blue Lagoon:

Some attractions feel like they are meant for a photo op for Instagram. This is one of Iceland’s attractions that feels this way. Many visitors made it feel like a “check the box” experience during their trip.

When the tour busses pulled in and people flooded out, the locker rooms were overwhelming with people. If you prefer privacy while you change, it is a bit difficult.

Photo of tourists at Blue Lagoon

Types of Blue Lagoon Experiences

Like many other geothermal pools in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon offers different packages to purchase by guests.

Note: These experiences fill up quickly, book weeks in advance to get the type of experience you want!

• Entrance to the Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask at the Mask Bar
• Use of towel
• 1st drink of your choice

The price starts at $70 (USD).

Blue waters of the Blue Lagoon

• Entrance to the Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask at the Mask Bar
• Use of towel
• 2 drinks of your choice
• Two additional masks at the Mask Bar
• Use of bathrobe

The price starts at $90 (USD).

Orange margarita on a table with a whale painting in the background.

Enjoy all the amenities in the Premium Experience.

In addition, you will receive two iconic products from the Blue Lagoon to take home with you!

The Silica Mud Mask (30 ml) and Mineral Mask (30 ml)

The price starts at $116 (USD)

Mud mask at a spa.


Similar to many of my other posts, here are some tips that I learned through my own fails and successes at the pool:

  • Go early in the morning
  • Blue Lagoon Discount
  • Go during the winter for less tourists
  • Pre-booking is required, book early
  • Be careful with your phone (waterproof case)
  • Stay hydrated before and after
  • Take off any jewelry
  • If your hair is longer, throw it up in a bun (the water is hard on your hair)

Getting To The Blue Lagoon

There are two obvious ways to get to the lagoon – a rental car or tour.

The lagoon is easy to access with a car and is only a 20-minute drive from KEF (Keflavik Airport). Many people will go to the lagoon after a long day of traveling to unwind or before a flight.

If you are traveling from Reykjavik, it’s a 45-minute drive. Don’t worry about parking, there is a big parking lot, and it’s free!

If you didn’t intend to rent a car on your trip, that is no biggie. Tours and shuttles can pick you up and take you to the pool!

Note: If you purchase a tour and are looking for a shuttle/bus both ways, read the tour notes to ensure you have a ride both ways.

Car driving on the road in the winter.

Are you looking for a guided experience while not having to worry about transportation?

Or are you in a campervan looking for a relaxing stop along your route?

Rental Car

Recommended Rental Agency: AutoEurope

👉 How To Get Around Iceland – Transport Tips & Guide 👈


Recommended Tour from Reykjavik: Blue Lagoon Admission with Transfers

Recommended Tour from KEF Airport: Blue Lagoon Transport

Traveler’s Tip: Once you book your flights, I’d recommend booking one of these tours to ensure a spot.


If you’re considering a visit to the Blue Lagoon, you may have questions about price, booking, and where to put your items during your visit.

In this FAQ section, I’ll address guests’ common questions before they visit.

✅ How much does it cost?

Anywhere from $70-$120, depending on the experience package purchased.

✅ Do I need to book in advance?


✅ Where can I put my belongings while I am in the lagoon?

Upon check-in, electronic bracelets are given to each guest. The bracelet grants access to a personal locker.

✅ Are there any complimentary items?

You will receive one complimentary drink.

✅ Are there showers?

Yes. All guests are required to shower before entering the lagoon.

Are There Any Other Attractions In The Area?

🌍 Fagradalsfjall Volcano

🌍 Gunnuhver Hot Springs

🌍 Reykjanes Geopark Tour


Based on how crowded the lagoon is, the price, and how touristy it is- I believe other destinations will fill your cup and provide a more personal experience.

If you were wondering if the Blue Lagoon is worth it, I hope this honest review helped you decide if the experience is for you.

Happy Trails,
Mindful PNW Travels