How to Get Around Iceland – Transport Tips & Guide

If you are thinking of visiting Iceland and wondering how to get around Iceland. You are in the right place.

My personal recommendation is to rent a car if you are looking to go off the beaten path and then hop on a couple of tours for the guided experience.

Rainbow Road in Iceland

When I visited towns and cities like Reykjavik, Vik, Akureyri, and Husavik – I would park the vehicle at one of the free parking lots and then adventure on foot.

Is it Difficult to Travel Around Iceland?

No, it is not difficult to travel around Iceland.

Different modes of transportation are offered to travelers to make traveling within the country easier.

Northern Lights across the water with snow on the ground in Iceland.

What is the Best Way to Get Around Iceland?

The cities are very pedestrian-friendly, the ferries will take you to the beautiful fjords, and the busses will take you to highland hiking in the summer.

If you’re looking for optimized freedom and flexibility a rental car will be your best way to get around Iceland.

Note: Set time to think about an itinerary to plan which method of transportation may work best for you.

Woman taking a picture of herself in a car side window in the passenger seat.

🇮🇸 Rental Car

AutoEurope is the best site for comparing prices and booking a vehicle from service providers like Herz and Sixt.

Traveler’s Tip: Please be mindful of how quickly rental cars get booked.

Book early to ensure you get the car you want!

*If you are considering renting a campervan for your trip, I highly recommend renting from HappyCampers.*

🇮🇸 Tours

Many tour companies offer a shuttle from one of the main cities to the tour site. When you are booking a tour or activity, check if there are any add-on options for transportation.

Budget-Friendly Tour Sites:

A photo of Reykjavik from the water with a swan.

🇮🇸 Busses

Iceland’s public transportation system is mainly in urban areas such as Reykjavik, Vik, or Akureyri.

Check out timetables, and bus routes, buy tickets, and more on the Strætó (Icelandic Public Transportation System) website.

🇮🇸 Ferries

If you are interested in visiting the islands around Iceland or want to get a different view of Iceland from the water, a ferry is the way to go.

Ferry schedules differ between the winter and summer months, please double check you are looking at the accurate schedule.

Woman on a ferry as a solo travel to iceland

🇮🇸 Domestic Flights

Flying is the perfect way to get around Iceland when the road conditions are unfavorable in the winter or if you have limited days, and have a lot on your list to see.

Traveler’s Tip: Domestic flights will be the most expensive way to travel around Iceland.

Also factor in the time of going to the airport early, waiting for a flight, and then arriving at a new destination to determine if flying is worth it.

A plane at sunset on the tarmac

Tips for How to Get Around Iceland:

  1. You are not allowed to drive off the side of the road and forge a new path.
  2. If you are confused, ask! (The locals are nice & helpful).
  3. Plan accommodations, meals, and activities during busier seasons in advance.
  4. If you rent a car, purchase a map, or pay extra for GPS.
  5. Be prepared for the weather (it can change quickly).
  6. Leave no trace.
Landscape photo of mountains, water, and road in Iceland

A Quick Guide for Getting to Top Attractions

For those who want to stick to guided tours and are staying in the Reykjavik area… these are the tours for you!

To Blue Lagoon

To Diamond Beach

To Golden Circle

"Moody" photo of Black Sand Beach in Iceland


View these popular questions regarding travel in Iceland:

🔔 Can you get around Iceland without a car?

Yes! Various ways are noted above in this post.

Traveler’s Tip: The cities are pedestrian-friendly and you can rent bicycles from various rental shops in Reykjavik.

🔔 Are there Ubers in Iceland?


🔔 Is it cheap to travel around Iceland?


Rental cars and tours can be more expensive. Walking or various methods of public transport are budget-friendly, but restrict where you can go.

Note: Time of year plays a factor in prices – summer has more tourism than winter. Therefore, summer is generally more expensive than winter.

🔔What’s the best way to get around Iceland in the winter?

Guided tours are a great way to travel in the winter with knowledgeable and experienced guides.

A road in Iceland in the winter with snow on it.

🔔 Is it safe to travel solo in Iceland?

Yes! The increase in tourism has also increased the safety for solo travelers.

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Safety Tips for Travel

  • Stay alert
  • Plan ahead
  • Know the route & schedule of the transit you will be taking
  • Leave yourself plenty of time
Side photo of Gullfoss waterfall.


Even though Iceland isn’t the biggest country, it still has plenty of options for how to get around.

Whether you travel by plane, bus, car, two legs, or bicycle, you will get to be a part of the beautiful country.

Safe travels on the land of fire and ice! 🔥🧊

Happy Trails,
Mindful PNW Travels

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