Dog Friendly Seattle (Recommendations From a Local)

Welcome to dog-friendly Seattle, a city that warmly embraces dogs in establishments, parks, and hotels.

I was born in Washington and have lived here for more than 20 years. I grew up near Seattle and have also lived within the city.

Dog on a dock in Washington

With that being said, I have had many experiences with my doggos throughout the years. This post is here to help provide recommendations for activities, hotels, restaurants, and more!

Is Seattle a Dog-Friendly City?

Simply put, yes.

Seattle is renowned for its dog-friendly atmosphere where many establishments welcome our furry friends. You will have no problem finding a place to eat, stay, or activities to take part in with your dog in Seattle.

Need to get somewhere quickly? Uber stepped up their game with riders being able to choose “Uber Pet”. Be mindful that not all people are dog people, so please respect others’ space.

Cute dog looking up at the camera with puppy dog eyes

Dog-Friendly Seattle Activities

The Emerald City has trails, places to explore, parks, markets, and many other things for you and your dog to do together.

These are the top 8 activities that I love to do with my pup:

1. Space Needle and Surrounding Area

The Space Needle is a fun area to walk around. There are grassy patches where you can sit or play with your dog and have a picnic.

Or maybe sunbathe…yes we get sun in Washington sometimes. 😉

Dog sitting in the summer in front of Lake Washington

If you want to spend some time sightseeing from the outside, The Climate Pledge Arena, Chihuly Museum of Glass, and Museum of Pop Culture are in that area as well.

2. Parks

Seattle is full of expansive green space that welcomes furry friends. Some of my favorite dog-friendly parks are Discovery Park, Gas Works Park, Green Lake, Magnuson Park, and Marymoor Park.

Traveler’s Tip: A lot of these parks also have water if your dog likes to swim.

3. Pike Place Market

An iconic market of Seattle and the original farmers market.

Fun fact: Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating public market in the United States.

Dog in front of Pike Place Market

There are numerous vendors set up that you can purchase items from such as flowers, photographs, food, and other items.

Note: Dogs aren’t allowed in all buildings, so please ask before entering.

If you walk down to the pier there is a picturesque view of the Olympic Mountain Range and Puget Sound.

4. Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island

Most visitors or those who haven’t taken any of the Washington State Ferries, are typically in awe that we can drive cars onto the ferries.

Dog in the water near Lake Diablo

Your dog can go on the ferry if they stay inside or near your car during the ride. Service dogs are welcome in the upper decks.

5. Bark in the Park (Mariner’s Baseball Game)

Each year the stadium offers one day where dogs are allowed to experience the love of the game in the stadium. Bark in the Park requires a dog pack ticket for you and your dog.

Mariners game in Seattle, Washington

This game can be a little chaotic with all of the dogs, people, and noises. Be mindful of how your dog may react to these situations in the park.

6. Paddleboard or Kayak

Northwest Outdoor Center offers rentals on Lake Washington close to Gas Works Park. They offer dog-friendly classes, guided trips, and other events.

Dog on paddleboard on Green Lake in Seattle

7. Book Lovers

Elliott Bay Book Company is the best dog-friendly Seattle bookstore. This is a multilevel bookstore that will keep you occupied for hours with the big inventory.

Traveler’s Tip: In Northgate (North of Seattle), a Barnes & Noble allows you to bring your leashed pup inside and find your next read.

8. Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Seattle flourishes with Farmers Markets in the summer, and some are more year-round. If you have heard of any of the markets they are probably the Ballard Farmers Market and the Fremont Sunday Market.

Dog in grass on a blanket in Seattle

Both markets welcome dogs, but please remember there are many people and other dogs at these markets.

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Dog-Friendly Seattle Hotels

These are the top hotels to stay with your dog in Seattle. I have had a lot of friends who have visited and stayed at these hotels and given them wonderful reviews.

Traveler’s Tip: Check out each hotel’s policy before booking. Some hotels will have size restrictions, specific rooms that allow pets, or a fee for pets.

  • The Edgewater Hotel: This beautiful hotel is directly on the water. Pets are allowed up to 120 lbs and only in specific rooms.
  • Pan Pacific Seattle: Located in South Lake Union near Lake Washington. Pets are allowed and charges may be applicable.
  • Grand Hyatt: A 10-minute drive to the Space Needle, or a short walk down to Pike Place Market. Pets are allowed for free!
Dog on beach in Washington

Dog-Friendly Seattle Restaurants

Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to check specific rules and regulations at each establishment to make sure that the experience is safe and enjoyable for all parties.

Note: If you aren’t sure about a restaurant’s pet regulations, feel free to give them a call and kindly confirm.

1. Restaurants

  • Portage Bay Cafe: Brunch restaurant with a build-your-own waffle bar. Dogs are welcome to sit outside.
  • Pablo y Pablo: Dogs allowed at tables outside. Yummy Mexican food and great cocktails!

2. Coffee

  • Bark! Espresso: Dog-themed coffee shop and you can get your dog’s face in your latte. (North of Seattle in Northgate)
  • Makeda & Mingus: Quaint coffeehouse with delicious baked goods and dog-friendly.
  • C & P Coffee: Dogs are allowed on the back patio. Hold events like live music and open mics.
  • SEA FAB Cafe: Pups are welcome on the outdoor patio and this cafe also has yummy food.

3. Breweries & Wineries

Dog at restaurant in Seattle

Respecting Dogs and Owners

Being a responsible dog owner is a lot of work.

It requires consistent attention to ensure that your canine friend is safe and can live in a harmonious relationship with you.

I have noted 3 points that help respect other owners and their dogs:

  • Pick up your dog’s 💩.
    • Being a responsible pet owner helps cities like Seattle be more willing and welcoming to our four-legged friends. Carry poo bags with you wherever you go just in case.
  • Ask before petting another dog.
    • Please ask before approaching someone’s dog. The dog could be in training, nervous around people or other animals, or just not in the mood to socialize. Remember that when a stranger tells you no, they do not need to explain why they said no. The best practice is to approach dogs you do not know.
  • Don’t let your dog go up to another dog without asking.
    • Please don’t assume that all dogs get along or that other owners feel comfortable with other dogs.
Dog at Washington Park in Anacortes, Washington.

Conclusion: Dog-Friendly Seattle

Whether you’re exploring the iconic Pike Place Market, strolling along the picturesque waterfront, or venturing into one of the many parks scattered throughout the city, Seattle offers many opportunities for dogs and their owners to enjoy together.

Seattle is a great city to visit with your furry loved one. Dogs aren’t just welcome, but they are embraced as cherished companions.

Happy Trails & Wagging Tails,
Mindful PNW Travels