Let’s rewind…

As a little girl, you would often find me in the woods making “maps” and following my maps (kids don’t try this at home). If I wasn’t doing that, I was either horseback riding, sailing, fishing with my dad, or playing sports with my friends. Washington State was a dream come true of endless outdoor activities.

If there was an activity that had to do with being outside, I would always be ready to explore. I spent a lot of time not only running around outside but also learning. It was important to my parents that I understood local animals, insects, navigation, and how to prepare and be safe.

Understanding the importance of safety not only made my parents feel better but also gave me more freedom to wander in the woods. Mindful preparation has saved me in numerous ways, from something as little as blisters to coming across bears/mountain lions on trails.

Pivoting to a Taste of the Nomadic Lifestyle

My family and I lived in our horse trailer for a couple of years when I was young (don’t worry there were living quarters). Is it weird to say I loved it? I loved the small space, only needing what I needed, and the idea of being able to travel anywhere.

By the time I was 15, I wanted to live in a van… which was a wee bit “odd” back then. From a young age to my teenage years, I saw the potential of what that could lead to.

The freedom, the intentional living, and wandering in different areas (but using real maps).

Time to Fast Forward…

Growing up, I wasn’t the person who exactly had a calling of what they wanted to do. I knew I wanted to serve in the military, but I wasn’t sure what would be after that.

In college, I took a few communication classes and our main assignment was to work on creating a blog. Let me tell you, mine was AWFUL. So, I figured blogging wasn’t in my future. Howeverrrrr, I liked it and the creative side that came with it.

After college was complete, I was commissioned into the Army as one of the first female Armor Officers and pushed that blogging idea away. Now and then I would think of blogging, but I talked myself down and said I would fail.

By the time I was separating from the Army, I had lived in 5 states, and traveled to 7 countries, and my travel bug was at an all-time high.

Transitioning into the civilian world was a bit intimidating. I felt like I was at the beginning again of “what’s next”. Still passionate about the outdoors, but not exactly sure what to do with that…I was 100% overwhelmed.

Two Years Later…

I transitioned into a sales job right out of the Army. I saved as much money as I possibly could for years, and made my 15-year-old dream true. I bought my dream van and was finally living in 75 square feet of pure happiness.

Life Likes to Throw Curveballs…

As they say, life happens and you can’t control your future. Shortly after I purchased my beautiful van, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Having that first seizure was scary and my diagnosis was hard to accept. Deep down knowing, that this dream might not be able to come true.

Endless medical appointments, phone calls, and the struggle of “what’s next” overtook my happiness. Having the support system that I have got me through the dark times. And for all of you out there who were there for me, thank you for being my rocks. 💙

Shifting a mindset isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. I was on the internet constantly looking up what my future would look like (kids, also don’t try this at home).

This is when I knew it was time to create the blog that I was too afraid to fail at.

Mindful PNW Travels was born.

Pivoting my Future…

Overcoming and adapting to new challenges takes time. After spending a lot of time researching, it became clear to me that there wasn’t enough information. Mindful PNW Travels was born because of the impact that I hope it can make, and inspire others. Not only to be more mindful of themselves but with Mother Earth as well.

My dream is to focus on travel blogging but also to tell people out there that the future is what you make of it.

Never stop chasing what you want and adapting to what life may throw at you.

Where I Have Traveled & Lived:

* I have lived in Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, and Georgia*

Why blogging?

Fulfilling a life of travel can be challenging. I was fortunate in the Army to live all over the United States. However, I wanted more. When I transitioned out of the Army, I started a remote job, allowing me more travel (score!).

Aside from the traveling portion, I believe that traveling can be a very spiritual and healing opportunity if we allow it. Leading to a better understanding of what fuels our fire, what inspires us, and what makes us feel…whole.

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Places I Want to Visit:

➡️ Kilimanjaro, Africa
➡️ Norway
➡️ Scotland
➡️ Faroe Islands
➡️ Banff
➡️ Denali, Alaska
➡️ Italian Dolomites
➡️ Channel Islands
➡️ Austria
➡️ New Zealand
➡️ Honduras
➡️ Moab, Utah
➡️ Patagonia
➡️ Chile

Happy Trails,
Mindful PNW Travels